How to Help

Mountaintop Removal is a catch phrase for a group of coal surface mining techniques that using large scale explosives to blast part mountain peaks and ridges, while placing blasted materials in valley fills, dumps, or hollows. A number of local Appalachian community and environmental groups work to monitor, organize, and assist communities who are suffering from problems due to mountaintop removal. Our key partener and fiscal sponsor is Coal River Mountain Watch in Whiteville, WV -


A larger list of groups can be seen to the right and on the home page of our site.


Other ways you can help stop or curb mountaintop removal:

  1. Contact your legislators and tell them you want the practice to stop.
  2. Contact your energy provider and tell them you want them to stop using coal from mountaintop removal sites.
  3. Give money and support to groups that fight MTR directly.
  4. Organize a screening of Black Diamonds in your community to spread the word and educate your colleagues, friends, and family. Contact:


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